Amber Teleproduction Ministries is a Christian Television Ministry that was established back in 1988. This ministry was birthed to spread the gospel via the Public Access Television Network located within Southeast Michigan and beyond. Our programs now reach out to more than a half million viewers. We are excited as God's Word goes forth in what many believers refer to now as the, "last days," due to the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are proud to announce that we are now broadcasting four television programs on cable television to the viewers in several communities within the Michigan area and they are as follows: "The Happiest People Alive," "Teach My People," "Praise, Praise, Praise," and our newest program called, "The Voice of Faith." Occasionally we have some special programming such as, "The Celebration of Praise," and at different times of the year a Stage Production such as an Easter, Christmas or Children's Play.

Rev. Gary W. Heinonen

"The Happiest People Alive," is a Christian talk show. Rev. Gary W. Heinonen is the Host and he interviews people from all walks of life who share their personal testimonies of how God came into their lives and changed them forever, since having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is exciting to hear what the Lord has done in these peoples lives and they occasionally share of a miracle that has happened to them or their families.

The very first program aired back in May of 1988 in a small television studio located in Rochester, Michigan. United Cable Television supplied the television studio, equipment and technical support. Amber Teleproductions as it was known back then supplied the television crew.

Rev. Heinonen desired to name the program something like the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International TV Program called the, "Happiest People On Earth." However, one of the F.G.B.M.F.I. Regional Directors for the State of Michigan, John Ninowski (who has since gone on to be with the Lord), came up with the television program's name and has been our mainstay over the years, "The Happiest People Alive!" For the opening and closing credits, "Blow The Trumpet," from the album, "The Power and The Glory," has been used with permission from singer and song writer Big John Hall.

"Praise, Praise, Praise," while on the way home from a church service one evening, Rev. Heinonen began to receive in his spirit,, melody to a song he hadn't heard before and the Lord quickened him to start another Christian Television Program.

After arriving home he mentioned to his wife Carol what happened to him while driving back from a church service and she immediately told him the name of the song (called, "Adoration," and its author-singer and songwriter Mike Adkins). It just so happened that singer Mike Adkins was scheduled to be in town within the next few weeks and permission was asked and granted to use the name of the song for the new gospel music program which has since become, "Praise, Praise, Praise." This particular song came from the album called, "Thank You For The Dove."

"Teach My People," on another occasion while sitting in a church service the Lord spoke to Rev. Heinonen's spirit man and said to him I have another television program for you called, "Teach My People." You will have many talented pastors, teachers and evangelists share My Word, so that the people of Southeast, Michigan and beyond will be able to grow spiritually and know the truth.

"The Voice of Faith,"once again while attending a church service in Clawson, Michigan a gentleman came forth and asked if I would be interested in helping out an evangelist who wanted to get started in the television ministry in the area. I agreed and within six months time a new program was birthed, "The Voice of Faith." Today the same music used during her nationally syndicated radio broadcast called, "The Voice of Faith."is the same music used with permission for the opening and closing credits of her televison broadcast here in Michigan called, "The Voice of Faith."